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A multiplayer browser-based online game about the confrontation of three feathered fractions: eagles, owls and parrots.

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A board game created based on the online game of the same name. The product did not go into mass production and was assigned to souvenir products.

Automation system of the distribution arbitration traffic, statistical calculation and management tasks for the arbitration staff.

Affiliate program organization system based on CPA methodology.

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A system of bilateral management of advertising campaigns based on banner content according to CPC, CPV, CPA methodologies.

Website one of the first Internet radio stations, founded in 2005.

Corporate website for a freight forwarding company specializing in the delivery of groupage cargo from Siberia to the Far East.

Official website of «Kuraj-Bambey» — translation and dubbing studio.

«Miss Cake» — home-made confectionery that creates masterpieces of sweets.

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Non-public decentralized cryptocurrency platform.

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B2B private platform.

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Non-public multi-user platform.

... and many other.

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Game projects for various audiences and platforms.

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