Technical excellence in traffic marketing

Automated arbitration systems, increase in profit through technical expertise and implementation of solutions in the technical process of purchasing and traffic management.

Development on an individual basis for the realities of your business, customization and further support of the created systems.

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Years of experience in the development of automated information systems, understanding the specifics of the arbitration business, verticals, accounting and traffic flow features.

Knowledge of specifics

We speak on language of your business with a technical touch. To solve the problem you need a description of the problem instead of a dry technical documentation

Understanding realities

We are ready to offer alternative solutions right away: instead of a complex system with an unknown result, conducting tests on live circuits with subsequent evaluation of the results

Own solutions

Own technical base of projects, full customization of solutions and adjustment to the format of traffic patterns is available

Expertise and research

Search solutions for interaction with third-party systems to automate base operations, optimize costs, collect and present insider information

Joint projects

Providing technical support and our own ideas for extra profit based on partnership is always an option for your business

Technical support

Personnel training on technical aspects of traffic movement, technical support and additional integration operations as the workflow develops


40+ of completed large-scale projects, auxiliary systems and developed traffic schemes.

Traffic accounting systems, assistance in purchasing and managing advertising traffic, combining and separation, restrictive functions.
Modules for automatic purchasing, black\whitelist maintenance, limiting and shaving postbacks, conditional traffic flow operations using optimization formulas.
Options in verticals are available: e-commerce, mobile, adult, general based. Vertical adjustment and traffic features, construction of internal schemes for working with advertisers and affiliates.
Mobile filters, desktop filters, bots and moderators detection, construction of cloaking schemes based on external systems, search and use of additional "features" of external systems.
Internal buying team dashboard and report system. Automatic data collection from Facebook, TikTok, InApp networks, GooglePlay, AppStore. Calculation of internal KPIs and income.
Moving and tracking campaigns in Facebook, TikTok, Google Adwords, Yandex. Automation of manual operations and collection of statistics, activity, data modification during transfer. Facebook accounts sharing automation, farming and farming elements, automated creative testing.

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When fulfilling the technical assignment, the customer is responsible for the completeness of the description. Turnkey work from our side involves the use of all the baggage of knowledge and experience in the construction of projects.


Realising problem

You describe the structure of your work, people and tools included in the technical process, indicate the current state of the work scheme and the desired result. A description of ways to achieve a result and an exact technical task is not required, a documentary expression of the task is also not needed.



We use the experience and knowledge at our disposal to assess the possibilities and solutions, provide options for improving the scheme, options for changing the work process, interaction with external systems.



Based on the specifics of the business, we offer options with the fastest and easiest reach to the result for testing your theories, as well as complex solutions that can exist in the long term. The general composition of the task and the ways of internal solutions remains at our discretion due to the target result unchanged, the price range is final.


Solution development

As additional problems appearing on the way to a solution, we modify the scope of work without changing the price, implement preventive additions to the system for the possibility and easy way of further customization, build the system in order to maximize the profit for your scheme of work.


Requirements Analysis

Preliminary analysis of technical aspects of future tasks, expertise assessment of the requirements.


Terms of Reference

Documentation with preliminary requirements for the developed system, including a detailed description of all aspects.

from 100'000 rub


Development a system and components, based on the aspects presented in the terms of reference.

from 2'000 rub/hour

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